Congratulations all!  The work looked great yesterday.  We are all really proud of how far we’ve come.  Nicely done. 


Portfolios are due at 4:00pm in studio.  We will see all of you there – no exceptions.  For portfolio requirements, please reference the earlier posts or the conversations you have had with your individual professors.  One new thought for everyone – It is not necessary to  bind your portfolios (unless you already have, of course).  We are fine receiving them gathered with a couple binder clips.  Our thought here is that for work to be shown in the End of Year Show, we’ll already have your drawings.

Then, at 4:00pm, we need to clean the studio.  We need to remove everything from the studios.  Trash will go to the dumpsters and material that you want can go home with you at the end of the day.  It is my understanding that everything left in the studio at the end of the day will be discarded.

And hundreds of trips to the dumpsters later, we’ll celebrate by lighting some fires, grilling some food, and toasting your success.   The concept for the BBQ is simple.  We will bring the accessories (some of you are helping with a few grills) and a few treats, and you guys can fill in the gaps with food and drinks of your own.  It’s a pot luck.  Bring something fun, something ethnic, a side dish, or some other favorite, and something to drink and we should have enough for all.  I’m hoping a few of you have already started your marinades.

See you in a few.


Kearns Studio: Final Assignment


4 Sentences

For your final review, you will be limited to using 4 sentences to describe your project.  These 4 sentences may pertain to whatever conditions of your project development you feel most appropriate.  In general you should consider the following:

How should the jury think conceptually about the building.
How is the response to site and program made evident in the project.
What is important to know about the structure of the project.
What is significant about the materiality of your project.

Please take the time to explicitly write your four sentences, crafting clear concise statements, avoiding overly run on sentences.  Print your sentences and read them if it helps.  You will be cut off after 4 sentences or too much blabber.  If you don’t like it we can make it 1 sentence … or none.

It may be helpful to return to the exercises from the beginning of the semester.  ReState your assumptions.  What is your Agenda? or What are your objectives. What is the concept.  What are the strategies. What are the tactics.  What are your politics.  Try this exercise first and then use it to help you write your 4 sentences.

In order to finish our reviews by 4:30, to allow time for the public exhibition of work, we will begin reviewing promptly at 1:00.  This means that all students must have all materials printed and all models available in the pin up space by 12:30.  Printing after 12:30 is the same as being absent from your review, attendance will be taken at 1:00.

And down the stretch….

Exactly one week to go. 

A few key dates and reminders for your use as we wrap up the semester. 

Friday, April 22nd, Pearlstein, 2:00pm.   Last lecture of the semester.  Prof. Klaschen will talk about presentations.

Thursday, April 28th, Upper Core, 1-4:30pm unless decided otherwise by your studio professor.  Final Reviews.   Unless you have agreed otherwise in your individual studios, the intent of the final reviews will be to fully present your projects across multiple scales.  As usual, requirements will be left general in nature.  Presentations are to be made on 11×17’s, across several scales and should include but should not be limited to conceptual information, site plans, floor plans, building sections, building elevations, detailed wall sections, interior and exterior spatial views/renderings and models.  Your presentations should be individually tailored to make the fullest presentation of your building possible.  Drawings should not be presented as though they had been crossed off a checklist but more with a clear agenda as to how they work to convey your executed ideas.  

Thursday, April 28th, Upper Core, 5-6:00pm.  Full studio project gallery.   At 5:00pm, each of you will be responsible for displaying your 5 best/finest/favorite 11×17’s in a full studio exhibit of your work.   Each student’s work will be presented in a single, tightly spaced, column (meaning no horizontal layouts) and we will all spend the final hour of the reviews basking in your hard work and success.  We will also be selecting work for the end of year show from the work presented.

Friday, April 29th, in studio, 4:00pm.  Final portfolios and CD’s to be turned in per previous blog post.

Friday, April 29th, in studio, 4-6:00pm.  CLEAN UP!  This is a required studio class, and you will be responsible for removing all of your materials, belongings, etc from the studios.  The studios will be cleaned starting at 9am Saturday, April 30th, and all of you material must be out of the studios at that time or it will be thrown away.  Please show us, the administration and the building respect by being there to remove your belongings and make the clean up process as efficient as possible. 

Friday, April 30th, outside M&M, 6:00pm.  All studio BBQ!!  We’ll bring the grills (actually, a few of you will help us), a little bit of food and the paper goods and you bring some food and drink and let’s all enjoy each other’s company before the long finals week and well deserved summer break. 

See you tomorrow!

Final Project Submissions

The final submissions for your semester’s work will be due at 4:00 pm on Friday 29 April. Your professor will collect the required material in your studio area. The deadline is hard and is fixed. There will be no extensions and late submissions will not be accepted. Printing problems, computer crashes, traffic jams, and CTA breakdowns should be anticipated and dealt with by advanced planning. Do we even need to say BACK UP YOUR FILES NOW! ? You will be evaluated by the third year faculty based on what you submit at 4:00 pm. No work, no evaluation.

The entire semester’s work (including the Warming Hut) is to be submitted in the form of one 11×17 booklet in landscape format (some sheets such as wall sections will probably need to be rotated to portrait format) along with one accompanying CD with a copy of the booklet in PDF format and any information that doesn’t live in print format.

Your section professor will clarify the exact drawings and models they would like to see, but the project must be presented fully, completely and across scales from regional site plan to very large scale details. If basic information about the project is missing then the project will not meet minimum requirements for passing on to fourth year.In other words, if the ten studio faculty cannot understand your project based on the work you submit then we will be seeing you in third year again next year.

Models need not be photographed for the booklets but they should be presented for review at 4:00 with the packet and CD.

Here is a final submission content guide for my section. Note that some scales will have to be adjusted depending upon the scheme’s dimensions. And your professor may alter this – it’s a guide.