Warming Hut Competition Winners

The winners of the warming hut competition have been posted on our Flickr site.  Follow the link and choose to view the following categories: Jury Winners, Jury Finalists, and Student Choice Awards for best Model, Boards, and Project.  Take a break after this mid-review and check out all of the great work from your fellow classmates!


Midterm Reviews

Just a few final reminders and updates:

Midterm Reviews will take place tomorrow afternoon in Upper Core.  We’ll have the whole upstairs so let’s make a good show.  Unless your section has decided otherwise, we will review from 1:00-6:00 pm according to the following layout (MIDTERM REVIEW LAYOUT).  We understand that many of you have class until just before this time, but please get your material to Upper Core as quickly as possible so that we can begin at 1:00.

As always, take care while pinning up.   Use space efficiently, and be thoughful with your alignments so that your work looks as good as possible. 

Good luck this evening.  Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labor….

There she is …

… and the road thats looks not quite like a road (oh google)

Here is a view of our site, I believe taken from the traverse over from the top of the swift current lift.  We have acquired a series of panorama’s which we will be uploading to our flickr account in the near future.  In the coming days we will also be receiving a diagram which situates the view point of the photographs for better reference.