Myron Files Access

Here is a link to a how to for how to accsss the remote server … I too have yet to be able to connect, Trevor attests to testing and retesting with success, follow these guidelines and let us know if you are still having problems

How To Access Myron Files


exhibit repository login

there are 5 logins so if you try one and it doesnt work, try another one.

u: thirdyearS1
p: kearns1

u: thirdyearS2
p: kearns2

u: thirdyearS3
p: kearns3

… hopefully you get the pattern for the other 2

Monday Night Parti … errr … PARTY!

As you all presumably know, we are having a studio wide event tomorrow evening starting at 5:00.  We will have a table full of pizza and beverages, will be presenting your work for all to enjoy, and I (Professor Kearns) will be bringing my bag of tricks to organize some games that are sure to brighten your day.  I hope that everyone will come, participate, and celebrate the hard earned end to a great semester of studio work.

What we need from you:

In a post or email, to follow you will be receiving a login to an FTP site.  This will either be one of our own on Myron Files or remotely via DropBox.  Please be on the lookout!

To this FTP space, you are encouraged to upload 3 PDF documents of your work.  These might be renderings, photographs of models, drawings, diagrams, whatever you would like.  These should be the 3 – best/most provocative/highly crafted/informative/etc.

I will be making slide shows from these pdf documents that will be projected during our event.  For optimal viewing and recognition of your work I suggest the following:  Landscape Orientation! Also, it is not necessary, but if you would like to optimize you can assume that the projector will be displaying 1600 pixels wide and 1200 pixels tall and that any deviation from this aspect ratio will result in a reduction of size of your image as it “letter boxes” to fit the ar.  You may also want to put your name on the images in a clear but relatively discreet way, so that we all know whose is whose.

We would also like to present everyone’s models.  Please bring with you at 5:00, the final design model (without context), and if you would like to bring any special models you are especially proud of that is OK too.  We are very excited by the idea of seeing a field of ~150 models in center core.

Some of the faculty will be in and around crown tomorrow afternoon in preparation for the event if you have questions.  Thanks, we hope to see everyone tomorrow night

fourth year study abroad programs

We will be updating the College of Architecture’s website to include the current study abroad program information, but for now you may access the application form for next year’s programs here. Please note that the application packet will be due on Friday 14 January. Use this single form for any and all programs you may be applying to. And if there are any additional questions please feel free to email me at    brownt at