studio culture down the stretch – obnoxious music

As we head into the final week it will be more important than ever that the studio space provide an atmosphere conducive to working. People around you are stressed, they are busy, and they are trying to concentrate. So allow me to be perfectly clear – it is forbidden by College policy and the third year studio policy to play music out loud in studio, or anywhere in Crown Hall, at any time. Period.  That goes for watching videos or TV shows – no sound. If you want to listen to music then put in your earbuds and stop bugging everyone else. It’s called common courtesy.


Happy Thanksgiving

I was impressed by the work I saw as I roamed around the reviews Monday. You worked hard so take a deep breath, get some sleep, eat some great food and recharge for the final push next week. Travel safely and enjoy a little downtime. Happy Thanksgiving.


Monday 85% Reviews – and semester wrap up….

As you know, on Monday we will have our 85% reviews to discuss the execution of your ideas over the second half of the semester with the additional benefit of still having time to refine your ideas and presentations prior to our final deadline.   Unlike our 50% reviews, we will be with our own sections for the 85% reviews, and again we will be spread out across Crown Hall.  See the attached REVIEW LAYOUT to see where your section will be reviewing.    Confirm the exact timing with your professor, but reviews will be held from 1-6pm on Monday, and as always, please be pinned up and ready to go at that time. 

Additionally, the below schedule should provide all the necessary dates (and most of the details) to get us through the rest of the semster. 

Monday, November 22 – 85% reviews

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday, November 24-26 – No studio – Enjoy the Holiday!

Monday, November 29 and Wednesday, December 1 – Business as usual, regular studio time

Friday, December 3 – PENCILS DOWN! – work is due and will be checked in during studio time

Monday, December 6th, 2PM – Portfolios DUE.  Provide (1) 11×17 paper copy and (1) digital copy on CD.  Portfolios to be dropped off in boxes outside of 3rd year office in East Studio no later than 2PM.  Portfolios to include all studio work completed throughout the semester including sketches, drawings, studies, models and photographs.  Individual professors might have additional specfic portfolio requests. 

Monday, December 6th, 5PM, Upper Core, Crown Hall – STUDIO CELEBRATION, PARTY and EXHIBITION – All work will be projected and final models displayed.  Drinks and food will be provided.  Hopefully, games will be played.

Continued thanks from us for all the hard work.  A couple more long weekends and we’ll be there.  See you in class…

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