Structures consultations

Paul Endres has kindly offered to make himself available for crits and consultations tomorrow (Saturday) morning from 10:00 am to noonish. You must sign up for an appointment on the sign-up sheet over by Thomas Kearns section before the end of studio today.


AIAS Design Competition

Remember that the AIAS has organized a day-long charrette for tomorrow. Starts at 8:00 am with breakfast and ends at 5:00 with awards. See their website for details. If a third year student is on the winning team they’ll get an additional prize – a book from Prof. Brown’s library.

Monday Midterm Review Info

What:  Fall 10 A305 Midterm Reviews

Where: Crown Hall (all of it – see above image)

When:  1:00pm until 5:00pm upstairs, then continuing downstairs until we are done.  Notes: There is a lecture in Upper Core Monday evening, and it is critical that we do not impact the set-up or preparations for that event.  Please be respectful.  At no later that 5pm, we must be out of Upper Core and have left no evidence of our having been there.  Thanks in advance for all the cooperation it will take.   And – due to the time issues, please be set up/taped up and ready to go by 1pm.  We have to start on time in order to get through the reviews, so again, thanks in advance.

How: See the attached PDF with review rosters.  F10 A305 MIDTERM REVIEW LIST  In loose alphabetical order, we are going to split up the studios so that you can get feedback from different critics and see the work being produced in other studios.  Find your name on the Midterm Review List and use the above map to find your location.   The Review List also describes the order, so please pin up accordingly.  Notes:  Please pin up your 11×17’s to the extent possible in a single vertical column.  If you have more 11×17’s than will fit vertically, or your presentation requires another format, you may pin up in the space necessary, but please do not use more space than you need. Remember, every aspect of your presentation, including how it is pinned up, represents the level of thought and care you have put into your work.  Align drawings vertically and horizontally, keep equal spacing, align the tops of your presentation with the presenter next to you, etc. 

Why: Great question, and my recommendation is that you should all have an answer.  Know why are we doing this and know what you hope to achieve with it, and use this information to inform what and how you present.    

And last but not least: Have a good time with it.