Saturday on-site

Prof. Lynsey Sorrell will be at the entrance to Graceland Cemetery at Clark and Irving Park (4001 N. Clark) at 9:30 am this coming Saturday. Open and optional – come if you want to channel Mies or Sullivan.


Structure – Frame

Structure – Frame

Having now developed a scheme that organizes the market’s program, and massing/volume on the site, the clearest site section would be a simple figure ground drawing showing market hall and “not-hall”. If you then translate this figure ground site section drawing into a line drawing of the building section, the result will resemble a section through a blister. A heavy line for the ground plane and a fine single line following the outer profile of the massing with a void situated between the ground plane and the enclosure profile.

The next phase of the project is to develop a structural frame capable of supporting the profile shape. Define a sectional slice of the building(s), running E-W or N-S, which captures a minimum of 10% of the 60,000 ft2 program that is under roof. Then develop a frame (in steel obviously) that would support the profile line of the massing/volume model. There are no live loads, no lateral loads, and no dynamic loads. Only gravity and the dead loads of the enclosure line and the weight of the steel frame itself should be considered now. Likewise, connection details can be ignored in this phase.

This foray should be developed in 3D physical models at a minimum scale of 1/8” = 1’-0”. Models should exhibit a reasonable level of craft – neither sloppy nor obsessive, under control. Materials will be limited to hardwoods (including bass wood) or metals. Any accompanying drawings and diagrams should be presented in 11×17 landscape format.

Friday 8 October at 2:00 pm.

Where am I?

Today’s post marks the launch of a new blog feature called, as you might guess, “Where am I?”. I’ll post a photo and the first person who correctly identifies the image (with all the relevant information included) will win. Use the comment box and the time stamp will act as the wire. Winners will receive an original sketch by one of the third year faculty. First image is hereby posted. Hint: this is one of Chicago’s few significant interior public spaces…

“Restate My Assumptions” – Maximillian Cohen

As we discussed in studio today, it is in your best interest to cohere your thinking about the direction of your projects, as a point of departure, prior to pursuing your series of parti models for Friday.

Please provide me with your initial written statements for the following, asap:

Driving Concepts
Strategic Approach
Tactical Maneuvers
Political Agendas
Aesthetic Sensibilities
Pragmatic Goals

Be like Max … Restate Your Assumptions.  As of this posting I have only received 1 … take a break from MechElec and give the other side of your brain some love.

Massing and volume studies

Drawing heavily on the site analysis and programming work, the next project phase will be to explore the possibilities for organizing 60,000 ft2 of covered space with the various exterior programs across the 177,000 ft2 of available site. At this point all the program and site factors will come into play, but still without straining for “design” or “architecture”.

This phase is open to radical exploration, but demanding rigor and complete mastery of the site and program. So you’ll need to be both irrational and a hard-nosed realist at the same time. While the three previous phases were mostly self-contained, this project phase will require that you synthesize the information developed so far into a cohesive strategy for occupying the site.

Part one: generate five different schemes for arranging the program and the attendant massing(s) and volume(s) on the site.
Part two: select three of the above and develop them further.
Part three: select one of the above and develop to a high resolution for the final presentation.

Studies are to be conducted in 3D physical models at appropriate scales. Drawings will, of course, support the studies but critiques and the review will use the physical models.

Friday 1 October at 1:50.